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Stockbroker Misrepresentations

Stockbroker Misrepresentation Liability

Stockbroker fraud usually involves stockbroker misrepresentations, which is legal jargon for "stockbroker fraud". Often, stockbroker fraud occurs in the context of boiler room operations, from which teams of bad stockbrokers with a history of fraud, including lies and misrepresentations, make a high volume of cold calls using high pressure tactics and fraudulent statements. Sometimes, whole account statements are forged to cover up the stockbroker's fraud, theft, or misconduct.

Under the law, even a prediction or statement of opinion by a stockbroker can constitute stockbroker fraud when it has no reasonable basis. Statements by a dishonest stockbroker that a particular stock "will break 50 by June" or the like almost never have a reasonable basis, can be stockbroker fraud, and can be grounds for a claim if the investor reasonably relies upon the broker's fraudulent statements in making a losing investment.

If you believe that you have lost money as a result of stockbroker misconduct, don't delay - important legal rights are at stake! Contact an experienced stockbroker fraud attorney today.

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