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Stockbroker Fraud Damages

Damage Awards As A Result of Stockbroker Fraud

The most basic stockbroker fraud remedy is damages for out-of-pocket losses. The out-of-pocket lost is generally the amount of money invested minus the returns and the residual value of the investment. The out-of-pocket measure is also generally the smallest measure of damages, so it is important not to limit yourself to it.

In addition to out-of-pocket losses, an investor is often awarded damages based on the profits he would have made had the wrongful act not occurred. These lost profits are proved through the use of a computer program that performs an alternative investment analysis or interest calculation. In the event that there are difficulties establishing the residual value of the investment, the arbitrators or court can award rescission and require the investor to return or assign the improper investment to the broker in exchange for a return of the full purchase price and any ancillary damages.

Arbitrators and courts have the power to award punitive damages and will do so where the facts warrant them and they are satisfied that there is an adequate basis in law to do so. Since punitive damages are not available for a claim under Rule 10b-5, the availability of punitive damages is often determined by state law, which varies from state to state.

Arbitrators and courts may also award attorneys' fees in an appropriate case. The most common basis for an award of fees is an attorneys' fee provision in the investor's account agreement. In addition, certain states, such as Florida, have statutory provisions that allow attorneys fees to be awarded in certain securities cases. 

Finally, in a proper case arbitrators or a court may impose constructive trusts, direct that specific property be turned over, or enjoin future misbehavior.

Of course, the fact that a particular kind of damages may be available does not necessarily mean that you will be able to convince the arbitrators, court, or jury to give it to you, but you should be sure to ask for all appropriate damages, without asking for damages that are clearly unavailable. An experienced investment lawyer will know what damages are worth pursuing in a specific case. 

If you believe that you have lost money as a result of stockbroker misconduct, don't delay - important legal rights are at stake! Contact an experienced stockbroker fraud attorney today.

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